How do I appear on Google?

How do I appear on

How can you make your site stand out from
the competition? How can you get the most
visits without spending a ton of money on
advertisement? Search Engine Optimization
( SEO) can do this for you. Webninja Africa can help your
website get a great ranking position on various
search engines. When a user types a term for
search on the web that term is defined as a
keyword. SEO aim is to optimize your site to
make it so all your content is seem as
relevant by the search engines, with special
focus on keywords. Through keyword
implementation, ranking monitoring and
constant attention, We can
help you position your site among the top
search results for many the keywords that
your potential visitors are looking for.
With our great SEO plan we can help you
improve your ranking position on the most
popular search engines, such as Google,
Yahoo, Bing among others. This is a must
have for any type of business in order to stay
relevant in today’s competitive market.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It
is the process by which the content of your
site is reworked in order to maximize
communication between the information of
your site and the search engines. Code, links,
pictures, text and layout all play a huge role
on how your website is perceived by the
search engines. The more commonly used
keywords you have prominently featured on
your site, the better for you.

When is the best time
to start ?

The absolute best time to start a Search
Engine Optimization or Online Marketing
campaign, when you the site can most benefit
from a well developed strategy is right at
launch. This is only because since your site
has not been launched yet, it has no ranking
yet, so once Google crawls your website you
will get a first placement well above the one
you would get without any SEO strategy in
With that being said, the second best time to
get started is right now! The best part about
the strategy above is that your site will start
with a strong ranking right off the bat, but that
is not by any means a deciding factor. Any
rankings can be either improved or decreased
by a proper SEO campaign.

“Why would my website
decrease a ranking?”

One of the benefits of having a SEO specialist
on your corner is that they know what works
and doesn’t work and what can be done to
help you get more visibility on the web.
Sometimes being on the top of the second
page is better than being on the bottom of the
first page. By the time they get to the bottom
of the first page, your average user is tired of
looking at results that do not appeal to him,
so what does he do? Go to the next page and
try it again. And who’s on that second page?
Why, it’s your site! Exactly where you wanted.

How can Webninja Africa
Search Engine
Company help?

SEO is a time consuming process that requires
experience and familiarity in order to be
successful. It requires patience and dedication
to bring your website from the deep inner
pages from the search result to the top and
having someone experienced makes a huge
difference. And although you should keep your
location in mind for your SEO efforts, the
actual physical location of your developer does
not matter at all. So, even though we are a
African Search Engine Optimization
Company, the distance from our location to
your does not matter at all. We have been
doing Search Engine Optimization for over 3
years, so we know what we are talking about.
You are more than welcome to get in touch
with us and ask to speak to one of our search
engine optimization specialists to find out how
can SEO help you and your business.